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Engine Oil
Engine oil we deal in allows for better lubrication. It can protect from gradual wear and tear and ensures a clean engine. This oil has an important role and allows for the smooth function of engine. Its use ensures effective cooling.
Cutting Oil
Cutting Oils are cutting fluid or coolants, which ensure high level of lubrication. These are essentially used during the processes of machining. The oils are suited for rust and corrosion protection.
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic oil supplied by us is a fluid of several functions. It allows for an energy transfer as well as advanced power transmission. This is known to cool the equipment and take out the contaminants away.
Industrial Oil
Industrial oils we deal in are utilized to reduce wear as well as tear, occurred between the surfaces. These can also prevent the occurrence of rust as well as corrosion of metal surfaces. The oils application can take out the debris and contaminants from the entire system.
Lubricant Grease
Lubricant Grease we deal in is used to lubricate machine parts. It can be used for gearboxes as well as other complex moving parts. This is also apt for the lubrication of machinery that runs at low speed.
Pumpset Oil
Pumpset Oil is utilized for the lubrication of bearings as well as cylinders diesel engines. It can be utilized for slow, high, and medium speed stationary diesel engines outfitted on the agricultural pump house.